Track your bag by satellite

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TRAAKiT is a revolutionary new satellite alerting device which gives you peace of mind by keeping watch over almost anything you want and alerting you if it is moved.

No other product on the market provides a greater level of security, reliability, functionality and flexibility and the concept is simple. You decide the boundaries where you want your ‘prized possession’ to be within via PC or mobile phone. The TRAAKiT computer system then sets up a ‘Virtual Fence’ which monitors the prized possession for you and you can watch your TRAAKIT’s progress on a minutely detailed online mapping system.

If the position of your TRAAKIT is moved outside the Virtual Fence, the host computer alerts you of this by sending a text message and an email. The TRAAKiT monitor will then send its position to the host computer every 5 minutes meaning you can see precisely where your possession is going and act accordingly.

The Brainchild of British invention entrepreneurs David Clayton and Tim Young, the TRAAKiT service is primarily aimed at protecting equipment such as tractors, motor mules, quad bikes, classic cars and motor bikes, horse boxes, vans, lorries, caravans, camper vans, trailers, expensive tools and machinery, laptops, cameras and golf clubs but the uses it is put to grows by the day. To demonstrate the product’s versatility in the coming months, the Traakit will be used to plot the paths of teams in extreme sport marathons, a band on tour and even a backpacking gap year student!

Whatever you wish to use it for, TRAAKiT enables you to follow something you are interested in every step of the way and the beauty of the system is also that it can be swapped from one prized possession to another, giving you protection on a number of assets.

Finally Bond-esque technology has arrived in the hands of the ordinary consumer and whatever you wish to protect and safeguard you can rest easy in the knowledge that with TRAAKiT your possessions are being watched over and are in safe hands.

For more information about this remarkable innovation and the people behind it, please go to A TRAAKiT TD1 monitor is £275 including vat and delivery in the UK and a monthly service contract costs £16.50 per month.  For a limited period of time there is a launch discount of 25% on the service charge provided that the contract is paid in full when ordering the monitor.

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