Fuji launch developer for film's last days

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Fujifilm has announced the UK release of a new chemistry, EnviroNeg Developer 60 AC, specifically designed for labs who have seen levels of film processing drop. Normal developers need a high enough throughput of films to remain correctly balanced, with replenishment, over cycles of days or weeks between cleanout and refill operations. The fewer films a lab gets, the worse their development quality control is likely to become.

Even down to very low throughput levels, (as low as three films per day for a 10-litre developer tank), proper use of this new developer will avoid any requirement for the developer re-tanking that was previously necessary to retain process activity. This enables labs to continue to offer a good film process that gives high quality prints and satisfied customers.

EnviroNeg Developer 60 AC has a wide processing latitude and can replace all existing C41 process developers both at retail and professional lab levels.

In addition to the new developer Fujifilm has formulated EnviroNeg RA Bleach 10 AC. This new bleach is the ideal partner for EnviroNeg Developer 60 AC and this combination of chemistry gives labs the most secure and future-proof way of keeping their film processors running.

Changing to this new chemistry is simple, quick and easy. The developer replenishment rate should be increased to 60 ml / 135-24 and the bleach replenishment rate upped to10 ml / 135-24.

Switching chemistry is the ideal opportunity to replace existing tank solutions and make a ‘fresh start’ to improve film process quality.

If labs experience a continued decline in film processing they can alleviate any potential problems with process stability by increasing the developer replenishment rate to 70 ml 135-24.

For further information on EnviroNeg Developer 60 AC, or any of Fujifilm’s wide range of photofinishing solutions, contact Fujifilm on 01234 572144 or email [email protected]

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