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We’d love to welcome you as a Cameracraft subscriber starting with the next issue on September 1st – our July/August one has almost sold out on the first day, so take out a sub now and be sure of the next!

With your receipt and confirmation of subscription we’ll send you a lucky dip of THREE collectible contemporary editions, worth £15 at our back issue prices (cover price is £8.50 and we do have a few of the latest one available for that, singly). If you find mainstream consumer photo mags repetitive and predictable, try Cameracraft. It’s not like any other magazine on the market and you can only get it subscription, no copies are wasted into landfill and it’s mailed to you in a compostable wrapper as soon as it’s off the press. Please use the subscribe option BELOW for this offer, do not use the panel on the right hand side, that’s our regular deal without the free issues!

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