Hasselblad Pro Centre hit by armed gang raid

Photographic rental companies like their shelves to be empty; it usually means their stock is out on hire. Following a raid by an armed gang though, London rental company, Pro Centre, found its shelves cleared of a large proportion of the company’s Hasselblad H-System rental stock – though thankfully not the H3DII digital cameras which were out on rental. Continue reading »

Desktop colour-accurate viewing light

Leading colour management specialist Colour Confidence has today announced the launch of the Colour Confidence GrafiLite. A brand new, cost-effective lighting solution for the GrafiLitephotography market, GrafiLite delivers natural lighting for accurate colour and image assessment in a conveniently compact package. Priced at just £60 inc. VAT, the GrafiLite is the ideal way for photographers to ensure they evaluate their images under correct, consistent viewing conditions and present accurate final prints to clients. Full details are available at www.grafilite.com. Continue reading »

The A300, A350, A750?

In mid 2007, rumours of a 14.8 megapixel Sony sensor came from the usual Far Eastern ‘inside’ sources. As a full-frame Alpha model (the so-called 900) had been previewed at PMA 2007, it was possible this megapixel count related to full frame, or near-full frame. It now looks as if it may have been a leak of development for currently rumoured 14.2 megapixel (active) Alpha 350, which is an APS-C sensor camera. Continue reading »

Nikon D60 and tilt-shift lenses announced

Nikon today announced several new products for the UK marketplace, with the established Coolpix range of consumer compact digital cameras being overhauled with a range of 22 colours across 10 models, and optical stabilisation via Nikon’s established VR system on every model – from £80 to £300. The L16 and L18 models, offering 7.1 and 8.0MP resolutions respectively, offer flexible shooting at the budget end of the market with ISO 1600 equivalent and 3x optical zoom, plus easily obtained AA batteries. Further enhancements within the range include evolutionary progression of the now de riqueur face recognition technology, with the 10MP S550 offering “smile recognition” and professional features like D-Lighting for under £200. Continue reading »

Canon plays catch-up with EOS 450D

Canon today launches its latest D-SLR, the EOS 450D. Featuring a 12.2 Megapixel CMOS sensor, EOS Integrated Cleaning System, 3.0” LCD with Live View mode and a new 9-point AF system, it marks Canon’s move away from 10 megapixels to compete with the Sony Alpha 700 and Nikon D300 – or, at least, with their cheaper successors everyone expects to see using the same size sensor. Continue reading »

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