Leica offer M8 upgrade with 'Rolex' LCD glass

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Leica Camera AG has announced the introduction of the LEICA M8 Upgrade Programme at PMA, Las Vegas (31 January – 2 February 2008), an innovative concept adding lifelong value retention to the digital LEICA M8.

The first upgrades are due to be available from August 2008 (orders can be placed on www.leica-camera.co.uk from March 2008) and the programme will include a further reduced shutter sound, a scratch-proof sapphire glass cover for the LCD monitor (the same stuff that keeps Rolex watches looking new after many years of daily wear), the installation of latest firmware and a fresh two-year warranty. A series of further upgrades are planned for the future, ensuring that Leica continues to offer the latest digital refinements and developments, whilst maintaining the camera’s status as a unique long-term investment.

Leica Camera will collect and return all LEICA M8s direct from customers who order the upgrade package, and camera functions will also be checked whilst the camera is in Leica’s care. From August 2008, the upgraded LEICA M8 is due to be available as a finished product option to compliment the current M8.

Throughout the years, Leica M photographers have come to rely on superb picture quality, a special handling experience, and most importantly, a camera that will span generations. The M8 Upgrade Programme ensures that this won’t change in the continually developing digital industry.

“While other digital cameras quickly become outdated and are replaced by newer models, our new concept extends the value retention that stands for the Leica brand. Over time, we will gradually offer new product features and developments as upgrade options.” Comments Steven K. Lee, CEO of Leica Camera AG. “Our customers can therefore still invest in the photographic tools they need without worrying that they will miss out on improvement and technological developments along the way. We are confident that this is the right approach for ensuring customer satisfaction and allowing them to continue to sharpen their vision and refine their skills with the Leica M8.”

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