Pentax K200D updates to 10 megapixel

The entry-level series of PENTAX digital SLR cameras continues with the introduction of the new K200D, featuring the acclaimed Pentax Shake Reduction (SR) system. Blurred hand-held photographs, particularly with telephotos or longer exposure times, are a thing of the past. Two sensors are used by the SR system to detect any vibrations and compensate for any movement by the 10.2 Megapixel CCD. This blurring protection system occurs directly at the CCD saving the user from having to acquire expensive special lenses. Thanks to the Pentax K-mount bayonet virtually any Pentax lens can be used with the new K200D digital SLR. The exciting news is that the new series of PENTAX SDM lenses with ultrasonic autofocus are completely compatible with a new entry-level class camera. Continue reading »

Pentax K20D – the first 14 megapixel APS-C DSLR

Pentax has thrown out a challenge to all rivals with a new 14.6 effective Megapixel CMOS Sensor and integrated Shake Reduction in the K20D, based on the earlier K10D but taken to a level of pixel-count specification which now exceeds anything from Nikon, Canon, Sony or the FourThirds consortium. Samsung developed the new sensor and it will no doubt appear in a similar Samsung body. They describe the K20D as ‘semi-professional’. Continue reading »

Sony Alpha 700 Review Part 1: the Interface

SINCE September 2007 I have had for test the Canon EOS 40D, Sony Alpha 700, Nikon D300, Olympus E-3 and Nikon D3 in that order. The reports have been published in the British Journal of Photography, and later on in Master Photo Digital and f2 magazines (some are yet to appear, in February, in these titles). My own system is Sony Alpha but I have to be as objective as possible when field testing all makes. I also have to seek out the unique selling points, the reasons for owning any given model, rather than just compare them on a tick-chart feature basis.

With the Alpha 200 about to appear, I guess it’s time to sum up what I think about the Sony Alpha 700 and how it compares to the competition. Continue reading »

ACR 4.3.1 hasn’t solved A700 high ISO mush problems

After reading Andrea Nivini’s article in Italian Tutti Fotografi, December 2007, which launches an attack on Adobe’s Camera Raw plug-in and its handling of many camera types – but specifically, the Sony Alpha 700 – I decided to check out whether the December 5th release, ACR 4.3.1, fixed the problems. Continue reading »

Hasselblad H3D Mark II with 3 inch screen

Hasselblad’s H3D line of products today achieve a new level of digital maturity and integration with the launch of the H3D-II, the fourth iteration of the camera system and one that can now justifiably lay claim to be the world’s finest digital SLR camera. Offering unsurpassed image quality delivered through an outstanding combination of hardware, software and lenses, the H3D-II is the clear leader in the high-end DSLR category, now a recognized segment of the photographic market. Continue reading »

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