Pentax K200D updates to 10 megapixel

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The entry-level series of PENTAX digital SLR cameras continues with the introduction of the new K200D, featuring the acclaimed Pentax Shake Reduction (SR) system. Blurred hand-held photographs, particularly with telephotos or longer exposure times, are a thing of the past. Two sensors are used by the SR system to detect any vibrations and compensate for any movement by the 10.2 Megapixel CCD. This blurring protection system occurs directly at the CCD saving the user from having to acquire expensive special lenses. Thanks to the Pentax K-mount bayonet virtually any Pentax lens can be used with the new K200D digital SLR. The exciting news is that the new series of PENTAX SDM lenses with ultrasonic autofocus are completely compatible with a new entry-level class camera.

Pentax K200D


Convenient D-SLR camera for entry level and hobby photographers. Compact, easy to use and compatible with all K-mount lenses.

K200D: Data at a glance:

* 10.2 Megapixel CCD
* Opto-magnetic Shake Reduction (SR)
* Dust Removal System (DR)
* 11 Point AF with 9 cross-sensors (SAFOX VIII)
* Sensitivity ISO 100 – ISO 1600
* 2.7’’ wide-angle view monitor with 230,000 dots
and approx. 160° viewing angle
* Pentax KAF bayonet mount
* Diverse Picture Modes, 8 digital filters
* Adjustable: focus, contrast, white balance, saturation
* 22 individual Custom Functions
* SD and SDHC memory cards
* Dimensions: 133.5 (W) x 95 (H) x 74 (T) mm,
Weight: 630g (without battery or memory card)
* Recommend Retail Price: £579.99 with 18-55 mm zoom lens
* Availability K200D: March 2008

Modifications from previous model (Pentax K100D Super):

* 10.2 MP CCD + PRIME + DDR2 System
* Dust and water protection with 60 seals
* Dust Alert System
* 2.7’’ Monitor with 230,000 dots
* Dynamic Range Enlargement
* Optional Battery Grip with 14 seals
* Separate RAW Button
* Battery consumption reduced by a factor of 8
* Advanced Digital Preview functions

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