Desktop colour-accurate viewing light

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Leading colour management specialist Colour Confidence has today announced the launch of the Colour Confidence GrafiLite. A brand new, cost-effective lighting solution for the GrafiLitephotography market, GrafiLite delivers natural lighting for accurate colour and image assessment in a conveniently compact package. Priced at just £60 inc. VAT, the GrafiLite is the ideal way for photographers to ensure they evaluate their images under correct, consistent viewing conditions and present accurate final prints to clients. Full details are available at


Designed for desktop use, the GrafiLite boasts a small footprint and folds down for easy storage. Colour Confidence supply the GrafiLite with a neutral viewing mat, providing a surface for image viewing which will not affect the appearance of colours – meaning the colour of your desktop will not prejudice image assessment. The lamp surround is designed in a neutral grey for the same reason.

The importance of accurate lighting to colour assessment is becoming increasingly recognised in the photographic industry. Advice from the colour experts at Munsell states that “Critical colour decisions… require careful consideration and a clear understanding of the advantages of simulated daylight technology. Daylight is evenly balanced across the visible spectrum… that means it more accurately renders colour”.

This is a view Colour Confidence has advocated for some time. As Simon Prais, Technical Director at Colour Confidence, advises, “it is important to assess images in consistent and correct viewing conditions. The colour of a print will look different from one lighting condition to another. From natural daylight to a fluorescent tube to tungsten, images can look warmer, cooler, flatter or less vibrant. Daylight (5000°k or D50) is the industry standard for viewing prints. Working near a window during daylight hours provides a good natural solution, but what happens to consistency when it gets dark?”.

Geoffrey Clements, Managing Director of Colour Confidence, comments: “At Colour Confidence we continue to identify areas of the colour management market which are currently not provided for. Controlled lighting is the ideal complement to a colour managed workflow, and can be the final piece in the jigsaw; however, traditional viewing booths can be prohibitive in terms of both cost and space for some photographers. In the GrafiLite, we believe we have developed a solution that effectively deals with these potential issues; the product offers the accurate lighting conditions photographers need, plus convenience and portability, at a highly attractive price point”.

Colour Confidence will be showcasing the GrafiLite, plus a wide range of colour management solutions, at Focus on Imaging – the UK’s largest annual digital imaging exhibition – from 24-27th February, at Stand C22, Hall 9, Birmingham NEC.

Pricing and availability

GrafiLite is available direct from or from selected resellers and priced at £60 inc. VAT (Euro pricing €82 ex. VAT). For more information on GrafiLite, visit

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