Nikon launch today – Sony sensors?

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Nikon is holding a launch today (June 30th) in London, and presumably worldwide. Richard Kilpatrick is attending for Icon Publications Ltd. As at 1.30am Monday, no press release has been received from Nikon, so we can assume an embargo will be in place but news may be released around 10.30am Monday 30th (GMT).

The launch is expected to reveal a low-cost 12 megapixel ‘full frame D300’ based on the sensor used in the D3, with a D100-type body like the D300. It may also preview the D3X, a full frame 24.x megapixel D3-type body using the new Sony high resolution full frame sensor.

We had early information that Sony would launch new products in June, which now has one day to go. The 58 flashgun may have been the only launch for June. A possible clue to imminent roll-outs may be that new Sony point of sale cabinets have space for products which the dealers don’t yet have! The 24-105mm f/4 G SSM has already been leaked but we can expect two more key lenses in the wide angle and medium tele zoom ranges. Rumours of a June 30th launch may apply to the Nikon conferences, not Sony.

My bet is that the first we may actually see of some new items for sale will be in the window of Foto Gregor, Cologne, around September 23rd. We shall be at photokina from the press day on September 22nd – watch this space!

– David


  • I don’t think Sony will produce a 12 megapixel full framer or have any access to the Nikon CMOS, even though Sony may be involved in its development. I think we will see one flagship body launched on September 22nd, since earlier rumours of a June product launch clearly applied to the 58 flashgun only. The body will be shown at photokina, together with production stock of the 16-35mm CZ f2.8 and 70-400mm f4.5-5.6 SAL G SSM lenses and possibly a 24-105mm f4 SAL G SSM, making a complete full-frame basic system available all at one time (the 24-70mm f2.8 CZ completing the range). It will be a 24.x megapixel body, and I suspect it accepts accessories which have not previously been seen in any DSLR.

    The technologies I expect Sony to work on include remote live viewing – the vulnerability of an articulated rear screen is not ideal for a pro/flagship camera, but an attachable satellite screen freely orientable on a cable or plugging in to a port of the camera would be typical of Sony thinking. The A900 appears to have provision for a substantial interface or port. Other possible modules could include a direct-recording GPS unit, a Wifi transmitter, and a studio cable to allow live view on HDTV/computer.

    If there is an A7X0 or an A800, it’s mainly wishful thinking on the part of owners, though it goes without saying such a camera will appear in time. Shirley and I have prebooked for photokina, got our flights and our hotel, we shall be into the halls on the pre-opening press day and ready to file reports on the 24th or 25th.


  • Hi David
    Do you think this FF D300 will bring us an /A800/? with the D3X sensor?
    This will confirm Sony made that sensor!
    Sony used to annonce cameras when they are ready to hit the shelfs, like the A700 been ready 3 weeks before expected. You think we will have to wait until Photokina for the long-time-annonced A900 and this possible-to-be A800?

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