The colours of County Cork

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IN 2006 before the Sony Alpha 100 was launched, my Dynax 7D went on its last serious travel shoot, spending a short week in the south-west of Ireland.

Irish Colour

From this one set of pictures came out which had its own identity – the brilliant colours of the coastal towns like Kinsale and Baltimore. I put this into a PDF slide-show, which is a different way of displaying a set of images in order. It’s not quite the same as a Powerpoint presentation, but as a PDF document it can be read on many different computer systems.

Your web browser may just open it in a window, and play the sequence of images. Alternatively it may download the file to your hard disk and open it using Adobe Acrobat or another PDF viewer you have installed.

To view or download, click this link:


Of course, these colours were just made for the vivid palette of the Dynax 7D. In Timoleague, I left Shirley photographing the Abbey and estuary and shouted out that I was going to run to the main street to photograph some of the colourful houses. There was no parking on that street, and we ended up two or three hundred yards away. “Don’t go and photograph every single house and leave me here for ages!” she called back. Of course, I photographed every single house, but in record time, running between the positions I thought would make the best compositions. In Kinsale, people were drinking and eating out in the streets and the colour was everywhere. I could have spent another hour just exploring the alleys and old squares.

The one place we missed, of course, was Kilpatrick. It looked like a very small blip on the map and was a bit of a detour on our way back to Cork Airport. If it’s anything like Old Kilpatrick (or even New Kilpatrick) in Scotland then I did not miss out. I thought, anyway, not having visited my namesake village gives us an opportunity to go back. That and the music, and the pubs, and the air – and the colours.

– David

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