Sony roll out Pro support in Europe

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Professional photographers in Europe can benefit from valuable help and extra peace of mind with the launch of Sony Imaging PRO Support. There’s no membership fee for the service, which is offered to professional photographers who own qualifying Sony α camera bodies and lenses.

Following its successful launch in Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan, Sony Imaging PRO Support makes its official European debut in Germany from April next year, followed by rollout in other countries.

A dedicated telephone help desk gives professional photographers expert support with using their camera equipment.

There’s a free collection and return service for units requiring repairs, plus a free back-up loan unit which helps to keep professional photographers up and running.

In addition, enrolled Sony Imaging PRO Support customers can benefit from a free twice-yearly image sensor cleaning service and firmware check-up to keep their cameras in top condition.

To be eligible for the service, professional photographers must own multiple Sony high-end α cameras such as α99, α7 series and Sony G or Carl Zeiss lenses. The details about the application and service will be announced closer to launch date.

One comment

  • I was wisiting Sony during Photokina 2014
    I tried to get more info for the new “Sony Imaging PRO Support”
    No one was availaible or no one could answer me regarding this topic
    And yes i did receive a flyer for the capture one express raw converter program for Sony ; that was all
    On the other hand it was remarkable how less the sony staff peaople was able to inform about A lens future continuity;about SLT A camera continuity ( and yes there is the A77 mkII) but ..;what about the A 99
    A shame also for the Sony desk, who mostly were pushing showing E mount lenses ; a specific question regarding the SAL 100 m f 2.8 makro lens ( if there was a possible change in productivity..) well the showed me the 90mm E mount with the possibility to scew it on my A 99 using the adapter…
    That was not the answer i needed.
    A shame how this staff was not able to help people furthter; people who are owner of one of their flagships..
    A no i am not going to buy a A 7 R,S

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