Sony’s London warehouse burned to the ground in riots

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The Sony Enfield warehouse and distribution centre was torched by rioting ratboys last night. There are several vidoes on YouTube. Comments include that 750 people have lost their jobs (not sure what this means).

Sony is due to hold a press launch event in south London, just one mile away from the Ealing and Clapham riot zones, early next week. We are booked into a hotel in Kingston on Thames (our expense, not Sony – thought that if we had to travel 350 miles to see whatever new stuff was around, we might as well spend a couple of days visiting our former capital city to remind us why we decided to move to rural Scotland 23 years ago…)

We may decide to call that one off. Will be contacting Sony today.

Our thoughts are with all those unlucky enough to be trying live alongside alongside these morons.

– David & Shirley Kilpatrick


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