Sony UK’s ‘Howto’ videos released

The press release below has just come out from Sony UK. I fear you will be disappointed if you are expecting to watch informative, instructional videos because they are not – they are devoid of high value content, and are just rather superficial plugs for features on Sony cameras. Not all these are even correctly explained or demonstrated, the Low Light video for example has the commentator referring to a camera making two exposures while the LCD display clearly says three (HDR) and talking about DRO-Auto after showing the mode dial carefully being turned to Manual (which disables DRO entirely).

It costs real money to make videos which are meaningful and valuable to the viewer. Real money may have gone on making these, but it’s not reflected in the quality or value of their content. Even the simplest of the subjects covered remains largely untouched by the video, and key information is omitted. Some information is quite misleading, such as the discussion of when to use S, M or L JPEG settings without ever mentioning that large image sizes can be downsized but small ones can not be enlarged without loss of detail.

‘Make sure you use the right image size for the job in hand’ must rank as some of the worst advice ever issued, encouraging digital camera owners to move off Large image size capture and lose vital detail which allows cropping, correction, resizing and higher overall quality. Telling them, in short, to throw away what they have paid for.

Watch the videos, they are free. But they really do not help the digital camera owner or Sony. – DK


Sony Introduces ‘Howto’ video guides

Discover how to get the most out of your Sony Digital Imaging Products

Sony has launched a series of Howto guides across multiple platforms, to give customers handy visual guides to getting the most out of their Sony Digital Imaging products.

The guides, available via YouTube and a number of major retailers’ websites include easy to understand tips and tricks to enhance the Sony product experience and provide answers to the most commonly asked product related questions. The videos are also available via Sony’s BRAVIA Internet Video service, delivered direct to the TV, Blu-ray player or Netbox.

The guides cover all of Sony’s key product ranges, including Digital Imaging, Network Communication, Home Entertainment and Essentials. They also help explain some of the underlying technologies such as HDMI and DLNA, allowing customers to easily understand the features and benefits of their products.

A snapshot of the featured Howto guides including handy tips for your Sony Digital Imaging products include the below among many more:

Capture 3D photographs and video with your new Sony Cybershot or Handycam
Get the benefits of interchangeable lens cameras
Use Bloggie, Picture Motion Browser and Personal Space
Get better results from your digital camera
Learn to shoot photos in low light

All of the Sony Howto videos are professionally recorded and, where possible, made available in HD. If consumers want to find out even more, each video includes a link to a website where further details are available. This can be accessed via a shortened URL or QR code for smartphones, allowing users to receive product information whenever and wherever they may be.

‘Howto’ content development is based on input from customers, Sony user forums and the Sony support centre.

More HowTo guides are planned and outside of the YouTube channel, the guides will also be used as additional training material for Sony retail staff. Keep an eye on the Sony YouTube Channel for the latest content and product information.