Free 30-page Photobook for Sony owners

Sony UK today announces the launch of PR!NT, an online photo printing service for their e-community, powered by PhotoBox.

Users can upload, archive and share images and order from a wide range of PhotoBox photolab products ranging from straightforward prints to novelty items and albums. Simple to use, photos can be printed at the click of a button. The service will be found at:

and will also be accessible through the growing ‘Communities’ portal. There will be an introductory offer of a free 30 page photo book for all new registrants.

PRINT launches in time for the summer holiday season. The service will develop over time to provide new ways for customers to get the most out of features unique to Sony such as Sweep Panoramic images. It will also offer an unlimited online storage for a secure back-up of images and will compliment other services from Sony such as tutorial and community sites, and Personal Space for private photo and video sharing.

“We are excited to be able to offer a new print service for Sony customers, allowing them to print and bring to life exciting images taken on a Sony product. The service is an important addition to the Sony Digital Imaging range as it will offer consumers the ability to release the unique features in our cameras such as Sweep Panorama, and help them learn more about taking great photos”, said Neil Bowen, Proposition Development Manager, Sony UK, a subsidiary of Sony Europe Limited.

“This is a great match for us, two market leaders with unrivalled expertise in photography, now working together and creating a compelling offer to consumers. We’re thrilled at the prospect of working with Sony UK as we continue developing the service with more innovative products and features, making it a joy for everyone to free their photos”, concluded Lawrence Merritt, PhotoBox Managing Director.

Editor’s Comment: this is something of a scoop for Sony UK in hooking up with a UK fulfilment lab. The dominance of CeWe, the giant German photolab, in on-line as well as retail outlet and kiosk product fulfilment, might have suggested them as a logical European partner. PhotoBox, though UK-founded, is now a subsidiary of Photoways SA, a French group, and offers regionalised services in every European country – which could allow Sony Europe to extend this venture across the region. In April PhotoBox Limited announced that a stock market flotation was being considered within the next year.

The services provided by PhotoBox are generally considered to professional in quality, and are used by many websites such as – a sample collection of my own regional images on theimagefile (with their PhotoBox ordering options) can be viewed here. – DK

Epson Photoshop plug-in speed batch and multi printing

Epson has today launched an innovative new print plug-in for the Adobe Photoshop family of products that provides users with enhanced functionality and flexibility, making colour-managed printing quicker and easier. Engineered specifically for the popular Adobe Photoshop CS and Elements products, Epson designed the software to meet the needs of the users of its Stylus Pro 3800 and its A3+ printers, including the new Epson Stylus Photo R2880.

Mark Robinson, Senior Product Manager at Epson UK commented: “The new Epson plug-in provides an invaluable tool for the keen photographer, allowing them to increase their efficiency when printing a wide variety of projects.

“As an independent resource, the Epson Print Plug-In allows users to switch easily between its interface and Photoshop. This allows them to add images to the multi-image print easily and keep temporary images for reprint even if the plug-in window is closed. For many users, this functionality is highly valuable and could significantly enhance productivity.”

The Epson interface splits the printing workflow into three steps; image selection, layout selection/definition and printer settings and previewing, making the printing process simple and efficient. The window of each step is modular and can be minimised to optimise space on-screen.

The layout function automates the layout process, allowing users to select from three layout types; template, index and free layout, which can be arranged over multiple pages. Over 170 templates, ranging from credit card sizes to A2 are available as standard and users can even create custom templates and save them for regular use. Once the layout is selected, images are simply dragged and dropped into the template and can even be cropped as needed.

Colour management can be automated for both direct colour management using the printer driver, and ICC profile-based colour management. Users can also specify their own ICC profiles for specific print media. The preview function provides a fast and easy way to proof the final print layout before printing begins.

Mark Robinson continued: “The flexible workflow offered by the Epson Print Plug-In ensures maximum usability, making batch printing for projects such as exhibitions, calendars or portfolios quick and easy. As the plug-in is independent of Photoshop, images can be loaded in succession and the interface can be used to check and compare the various stages of editing.”

The new Epson Print Plug-In is available as a free web download from the Epson Europe website at and supports Mac OS 10.4.3 – 10.4.10 (Tiger), Mac OS 10.5 (Leopard) and Windows XP SP2 and Vista.

Epson Print Plug-In key features summary:

  • Easy multiple image printing
  • Flexible multi-page layouts with three layout types
  • Resource independent for improved flexibility and usability
  • Simplified colour-managed printing, supporting both direct colour management and ICC profile management
  • ACE[1], Epson CMM, Windows ICM and Apple ColorSync colour management engines supported
  • Supports the Adobe Photoshop family of products: Adobe Photoshop CS2 (from 9.02), CS3, Adobe Elements 4 (from 4.01), 5 (from 5.02) and 6
  • Supports Epson Stylus Photo 1400, R1800, R1900, R2400, R2880 and Stylus Pro 3800
  • Supports Windows XP SP2, Vista; Mac OS 10.4.3 – 10.4.10 (Tiger) and 10.5 (Leopard)
  • Available in 7 languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch and Japanese
  • Available from 25 May 2008 as a free web download on