€10,000 prize in French pro photo contest

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The Agency for the Promotion of Professional Photography in France (APPPF or A3PF), launches the 3rd edition of “The Photograph of the Year”. This contest is exclusively reserved for professional photographers living in Europe. 18 trophies will be awarded in March 2011, during a ceremony which will gather the 48 finalists (three per subject) of the sixteen categories awarded, plus the photograph of the year and a trophy of honour. For this third edition of the competition,there will be sixteen categories : that is to say four more than in 2010.

The first of the new categories will be reserved for photography students and the theme will be free. The second will reward humanistic photography, a way of honouring our distinguished elders. The third will distinguish the best digital creation, limited only by the imagination of photographers. Finally, a returning category, still life.

Once the winners are known, the winning photographs will be compiled into a traveling exhibition. It will criss-cross France, initially among the sponsors, and then in the biggest French festivals of photographs. “Photographs of the Year” will also be compiled in a book as in previous years. The 48 winning photos plus a portfolio of some pages on the photographer will be honored at this event.

For each category, the winner will receive a statuette worth 150 to 200 € and royalties on books, postcards, posters published by the APPPF, whose terms will be determined by contract with the APPPF, or the equivalent in books and postcards. The winner of the  Photograph of the Year will receive € 10 000 of Nikon equipment. Other sponsors will offer prizes or material benefits.

Selection of winners of “Photographs of the Year” is made by a jury of experienced professional photographers, festival directors and journalists, only recognized professionals.

The photograph of the year in each category is the work of professional photographers during  the calendar year. The photographs must be taken between January 1 and December 31, 2010. Photographs must be submitted no later than January 15, 2011. All professional photographers are invited to participate in this unique competition in Europe.

For further information or to download the complete contest rules, see: http://www.photographiesdelannee.com

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