Canon EOS 500D – video plus 15.1 megapixels

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Canon has announced a consumer level EOS 500D camera, with 1080p resolution video limited to 20 frames per second, and 15.1 megapixels but a maximum shooting rate of 3.4 frames per second:
This continues the trend for all new DSLRs to have HD movie shooting in addition to live view modes, something which Sony to date shows no sign of catching up on. However, the obvious compromises present in the 500D would be criticised harshly if they were to have appeared first in a Sony model, so this is good news. Canon has made it acceptable for others to follow with 20fps instead of the required 24fps, and still claim true 1080p video.
– DK


  • I’ve got the beast here now to test. Will see just how good it is. With 18-200mm IS f3.5-5.6 as well.

  • It was bound to happen. Canon have really woken up after the combined challenge of Nikon and Sony. New 5D, 50D and now 500D. I was just thinking that Sony should realise my wish for a larger sensor in an A700 successor. With an approximately 10% larger surface on their APS-C sensor compared with Canon they ought to be able to produce either a camera with an effective 15Mp sensor and achieve better noise at higher ISOs or equal Canon with a 16.7Mp effective APS-C sensor. That latter size will do me without video, but really I cannot now see Sony coming out with a new camera below FF size now without video of one kind of another. The pressure must be on from Nikon as well to come up with a sensor that can outplay Canon’s D50 and D500 offerings. My guess is that we have not heard anything of any substance from Sony about their next generation of DSLRs because they are scratching their heads and working hard on something that can at least level the playing field with Canon and they are behind the courve now.

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