Photoworld #1 2008 magazine issue

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WE trialled a ZMags version of the January 08 issue of Photoworld here. We then looked at Uniflip. However, all these places want a few hundred dollars to leave a slightly adjusted Flash or Java version of a PDF we create, on their server for 12 months. The ZMags trial is now removed and after testing Uniflip, it was clear we had no reason at all to use this service either.

You can simply download a modest sized PDF (72 dpi screen res) of the January08 Issue here instead…

– David


  • I’m glad about that David I never saw the full size preview anyway. I prefer a PDF I don’t see the pretend page flipping as any kind of advantage.

  • Just loaded latest Java from Sun. Still does not work I only see the small version.I have been clicking away merrily for days The Demo page at Zmags works fine. I like the paper version David it is one of the best produced magazines on the market. I don’t use a Laptop so I read the mag in the garden.

  • Replying to Glyn: you click on the tiny version image, and a dedicated window should open to view the magazine. Perhaps you need an update to JAVA to view it?


  • It does not print well on my PostScript laser printer, but if it works, we may use this system to deliver the back issues. I am not likely at this point to abandon the printed edition, though renewals by post are now at an extreme low – I sent out 180 final reminder/renewal notices two weeks ago and have received only ten positive responses. This contrasts with around 50 per cent response a couple of years ago to similarly ‘aged’ reminders, and I would say it has dropped to being an insignificant response.

    However, my own postbag has been reduced to perhaps 25 per cent of its 2007 volume. We used to receive countless press releases, most account payments via cheque etc. I’d say that 80 per cent of our clients now pay by BACS, though one big ad agency still pays using paper and accounts for a large chunk as they handle Nikon, Canon, Epson, Fuji and several others via their subsidiaries. The drop in the postbag content from a hefty pile to a few letters every day indicates that something has shifted in the balance of internet/postal delivery.

    Our next renewal reminders will not ask people for cheques or credit cards – they will simply provide a link to a web page to renew.

    If we can’t maintain subscriber levels for the printed edition, I will change the model for the club to internet delivery of monthly newsletters plus subscriber access only to certain parts of photoclubalpha, and a single annual printed mailing more like a mini-Minolta Mirror – something with more pages and higher production values.


  • Works well, but please don’t stop producing the printed version – my desktop doesn’t fit on my coffee table!

  • Am I stupid? The only view I get is the tiny demo. Am I misreading this article. I have read Zmags before and no problem. I am using a 22″ screen so that isn’t an issue either.

  • I like it. Would be nice if it cached the pages rather than having to re-download them when you navigate back (also, if you zoom out and then back in, it downloads the page again). Doesn’t really matter unless you have a slow link.

    Really enjoyed reading the mag. Thanks.

  • Works very well, quick to flip pages, the find is useful and when zoomed in is readable on the 24″ screen. I think I saw another demo of this particular engine a few months ago with Sky & Telescope magazine and I was equally impressed by it.

  • Hi David…

    Good issue, I read all the magazine, goods article…

    I have some question…

    This magazine is just online?? I live in USA and I would like know if will be some edition print.

    Congratulation and I hope read the next… : )

  • Sorry all I can se is the tiny version. The link does not work.

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