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Welcome to dPhotoexpert, the site which invites you to become a photo technique writer – one of our rated experts!

In addition to articles and news from the publishers of dPhotoexpert, we offer to host your own articles and photography, checked and activated by experienced photo magazine editor David Kilpatrick and our team.

Before becoming an author, you must register with dPhotoexpert. This will add you to our userbase, and enable dPhotoexpert to send you breaking news directly. We do not plan to issue regular email and you won’t be bombarded with information, but at key events such photokina, our registered users will be informed when dPhotoexpert coverage is on-line.

Registered users can also apply to become Authors. You must email the editor to request an upgrade to Author status. We reserve the right to amend unsuitable pseudonyms for display in our ranking of Authors, which will appear in the sidebar once articles are published and rated by our readers.

Each month, the top five rated article contributors will appear in order, dynamically changing. The top five articles will also be listed.Terms and instructions for using the authoring system will be sent to approved authors. If you are familiar with WordPress, you’ll find it very easy to create your own articles on dPhotoexpert – and achieve your rank as one of our expert contributors.

– David Kilpatrick, Publisher & Editor

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