Sony puts digital print centres on Multimap

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Today, Sony introduced a new service to grow its digital photography business across Europe:

The new Multimap mapping service, which links customers to Sony’s digital photography services, launched today in the UK and Greece and will soon feature locations throughout Germany, Spain and Sweden.

“Multimap’s ground-breaking service connects customers with Sony’s digital photography services across Europe. From ID photos to photo finishing, customers are now able to find the nearest location of Sony’s instant print services thanks to Multimap’s easy-to-use, interactive, draggable mapping. The content-rich maps, which feature detailed street information, will be constantly updated, so finding the nearest outlet has never been simpler,” said Iain McCrossan, European Marketing Manager of Digital Photography, Sony Europe.

Sony instant print services are available in a number of retail outlets, from independent news agents to large European retail chains, including ASDA in the UK and Dixxons in Greece. The new Multimap Application Programming Interface (API) mapping service, designed to help customers access their nearest Sony instant print services retailer easily, is also expected to increase sales for Sony’s retail partners.

The Multimap API brings together searching, routing, mapping, geocoding and imagery into a single one-stop service. The API offers major new areas of functionality, with the addition of overview maps, smooth zooming, automatic de-cluttering of icons, and many other features.

“Sony’s implementation of the Multimap API instantly connects customers with store locations throughout Europe, including smaller retailers that customers may not have realised used Sony’s services. By joining forces with Multimap to offer such a useful service, retailers gain access to the millions of customers who regularly visit Sony’s website,” continued McCrossan.

Sony’s instant print services are designed to service the needs of a wide variety of customers and include the Sony SnapLab, a state-of-the-art professional photofinishing solution which produces photolab-quality prints in just a few seconds, Sony Kiosks, which offer the fastest digital printing facilities on the market and ID systems, which provide high quality mini portraits, passport and ID photos instantly.

By the end of the year, the Multimap API is expected to pinpoint nearby digital photography services to customers in 15 European countries.

For more information on Sony and its digital photography services, visit To find the nearest Sony print services location, or for a direct link to Multimap’s API service, visit

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