Cloning between images

MANY photographers habitually use layers from everything. I don’t! In fact, I try to minimise my time spent on post-processing shots for stock library sale, and work very quickly. If it needs complex setup or demands working using layers to be able to go back and change things, I’ve probably already wasted too much time.
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Lightroom Version 2 released

The latest release of Adobe Lightroom, v2, handles pretty well all digital camera raw formats including the latest Sony, Canon and Nikon models. It is updated along with Adobe Camera Raw 4.5 to handle Nikon D700. Because Canon appears to have left their filetype identical to the A400, their new 1000D was recognised immediately by ACR even in 4.5 Beta. Continue reading

Portrait Professsional 8 – now for Mac

Portrait Professional, the downloadable software from Anthropics which resculpts face shapes while smoothing out skin imperfections and signs of ageing, has been updated to Version 8 and launched for Apple Mac as well as Windows PC. We tested it briefly as a first look in our magazine Master Photo>Digital.
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PDSA photogenic pet photo contest

Leading UK veterinary charity, PDSA, has launched its search to discover the UK’s most photogenic pet. If your pet has star quality and is always posing for the camera, then why not enter their photograph into the PDSA pets’ gallery competition?  Continue reading

Nikon's new D700 FX camera

The Nikon D700Nikon announced and released their long awaited D700 camera today in London, bringing the D3’s FX sensor to a wider market. dPhotoexpert was at the launch event. The D700 is closer to the D300 in physical design yet retains many of the D3’s advantages – in fact, it’s easier to say what it loses, other than weight and bulk, rather than what it offers.

Compared to Nikon’s flagship camera, the D700 offers one CF card slot, a 95% viewfinder coverage for the 12.1Mp sensor which has a new dust reduction system similar to the D300, and a slower frame-rate still twice the speed of a Canon EOS 5D – with the optional battery grip, it can manage 8 fps, and with standard EL3a batteries it delivers a respectable 5fps. The weather sealing is slightly improved over the D300, and the viewfinder/prism design is similar to the D3 but incorporates a pop-up flash. (Report – Richard Kilpatrick).

The D700 goes on sale in July with a UK RRP of £1999 inc VAT – more details will be added soon.

More details added by David Kilpatrick –

* Capture NX2 is required to process the raw files, and there is no update for either View NX or Capture NX (1.3.x) on any Nikon website to allow these to process D700 files – yet. Capture NX2 is provided as a 60-day free trial with the D700, but the CD does not update registered, purchased copies of NX. I’ve installed NX2 but the experience is not helpful when it comes to assessing the quality of the images – for this, I almost have to have ACR and to be able to study larger output sizes rapidly in the raw conversion window.

ACR and Lightroom are now updated to work with the D700, and the same goes for an increasing number of other raw conversion utilities.

We have an D700 here, we are using it now – the high eyepoint type viewfinder is one radical difference between this and the D300 body, and the experience of using the D700 is very different.