DxO updates for the D3 and D300

Paris, France – February 29, 2007 – DxO Labs announces today the addition of 10 new lenses, including popular zooms and fish-eyes, to its library of lens correction modules for DxO Optics Pro v5. Continue reading

Low-cost Marumi LCD protector panels

Kenro has announced the release of a series of new LCD panel protectors from Marumi. Continue reading

Using a low-cost IKEA spotlight for studio effect

IKEA has a very low cost optical focusing theatre-style spotlight which can be used, or adapted, for studio work. It comes complete with an adjustable iris diaphragm unit, a four-blade square aperture adjustable unit, a gobo/filter holder, a set of stainless steel cut gobos and a set of coloured glass filters. The focusing lens is not sealed against light leaks but open to allow heat to dissipate, however if this unit was adapted to hold a flash light source in place of its halogen bulb, you could also make a tube to seal off the light leaks from the optical assembly.

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Green computing with multiple users, one PC – free software

Calgary, Alberta (Feb. 5, 2007) – Need an extra PC around the house? Userful is giving away its innovative software that gives you a second computer for free. They had such a warm response to their holiday giveaway that they have decided to continue giving away the software. It is the perfect way to reduce line-ups for the computer as spouses, parents, and children battle for a turn. Continue reading

Tessera acquires FotoNation

Tessera Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq:TSRA), a leading provider of miniaturization technologies for the electronics industry, today announced it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire FotoNation, a leading provider of embedded imaging solutions for digital still camera and mobile phone applications.

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