Three free issues when you subscribe to Cameracraft

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Editions for May/June, July/August and September/October 2021 will be sent FREE as soon as you subscribe.
Your subscription will start with November/December 2021 mailed out November 3rd

We’d love to welcome you as a Cameracraft UK reader, whether new or returning after a break – subscribe now and we’ll send you the three latest available editions packed with inspiring and motivating ideas, images and information followed by the first issue of your subscription direct from the printers.

With your receipt and confirmation of subscription we’ll send you the three most recent available editions. If you find mainstream consumer photo mags repetitive and predictable, try Cameracraft. It’s not like any other magazine on the market and you can only get it by subscription, no copies are wasted into landfill and it’s mailed to you in a compostable wrapper. Please use the subscribe option BELOW for this offer which is for UK postal zone only, please don’t action this subscription from USA, Europe or anywhere outside UK.

The subscription price is £40 a year, a saving of £11 a year at £6.66 per issue including postage. We know it’s an increase of £2.50 on our recent offer, but it’s essential as all costs have risen and are about to rise sharply with surcharges already notified on paper, energy and transport by our printers and the certainty of both annual and fuel surcharge rises from Royal Mail in January and April.

Overseas readers: please use the subscription options in the right-hand sidebar. Due to greatly increased postage costs and the need for customs forms as magazines are now being classed as ‘goods’ not printed papers, we can’t make similar offers.

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