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Cameracraft is published bi-monthly, with a cover price of £8.50 per issue including UK postage. You can’t buy it from newsagents, we’re sorry this has to be so but over the years our readership moved more and more towards subscriptions. This also means we’re not dependent on advertising for survival, though we really appreciate our advertisers. Many magazines in the past have chased high advertising revenues and almost given away their subscriptions, with free gift incentives, to build the largest possible readership. Some are no longer here because the world has changed and the balance is now with the subscriber not the advertiser.

Our readers really matter – every subscription pays for this project page by page not pixel by pixel. Join our growing community which includes all the members of the Guild of Photographers (if you’re a member, amateur or professional or anything between, you’ll already know Cameracraft and you don’t have to subscribe here. You’ll find Paypal prices for an annually renewing subscription in £s for UK, Europe, and Rest of World.

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