Testimonials from readers

We have been getting some good feedback on issue 1 from readers. Here are some comments:

“I’m simply amazed! I placed the order for the magazine on Sunday, not expecting to receive anything for at least two weeks, yet it arrived this morning! The magazine is simply beautiful. And without adverts makes it lovely to read. My only concern is that I want your magazine to succeed, but I can’t see how you will make a profit on a measly US$39 for four exquisite publications.” – Azher, New Zealand

“Congratulations on an excellent magazine, it’s a refreshing change from the run of the mill fodder out there. Though never a Minolta/Sony photographer I have always enjoyed your publications. The maxim “it’s not what you’ve got but what you do with it” comes to mind when reading this sort of publication. Whilst I enjoy the technical aspects of photography and like equipment reviews and such I have been bored to death with the endless photoshopping now prevalent in the mass circulation mags. I would much rather be inspired by creative articles and photo essays, and though not always to my own landscape centred tastes it is always interesting to see where other people’s passions take them. Once again thanks for taking such a brave step outside of the mainstream. I look forward to many years of thought provoking reading.” – Steve

“Magazine arrived safely today, congratulations on first issue and particularly the quality of repro on the portfolio insert. Looks like it is going to be good.” – David

“Just to let you know I received my copy of your magazine  this morning. It is amazing I will not be reading this near any coffee in fear of spoiling it.” – Debbie, Spain

“I just received the first issue of Cameracraft and I love it!” – Bruce, NY, USA

“Well, it is entirely up to and exceeds expectations. Well done and thank you. The aspirations set out on p2 look great. The reproduction is excellent. Keep going and follow your instincts.” – Ralph, Queensland, Australia

“I just received my first copy of Cameracraft. I have barely opened it, but it is delicious, the quality of the paper and the images they contain are superb. I cannot wait to sit down and immerse myself in the articles.” – Lynn, Ontario

“You sent my senses and memory reeling back years when I saw the covers of two photography magazines which were part of my photographic youth – Photo Technique and Creative Photography. I still have chills down my spine from seeing John Claridge’s incredible GAF 500 images. After the disappearance of those titles magazines seemed to shift towards advertising and equipment reviews, which although thy have heir place detract sometimes from “photography” and then of course it became technology big style. I am not a Luddite, I use LR4 and CS6 and have even had Adobe staff on courses I used to deliver. I would not go back to smelly chemicals, but lust for high quality articles on photographers and their work and it looks like Cameracraft could deliver.” – David, UK

“I am delighted with the first issue of Cameracraft. I am in my seventies, with a lifetime of photography behind me. I started serious photography with a quarter plate Soho reflex and moved through a Rolleiflex 2.8C, Leica M2 and Mamiya Super press 23 and various Minolta SLRs to my present Canon 5D. It has been a wonderful journey running side by side with my profession as a pharmacist. Cameracraft was brought to my attention by a member of our photo club and it is the sort of publication for which I have been waiting. The quality of the paper is superb and is matched by the content. It may not appeal to a beginner, or those who take their images with a camera held at arms length, where what little can be seen on the LCD is largely guesswork, but with my backgound, every copy will be read from cover to cover several times, and will be too good to discard, so the binder is the finishing touch. Congratulations on such a fine product and I am doing my best to spread the word to others of like mind.” – Bob, UK

2 thoughts on “Testimonials from readers

  1. Dear David, I have received not one but two copies of the first issue. I have paid only one subscription, so the mailing department is presumably in error. Can you check this for me. It could become expensive for you otherwise. 🙂